Multifamily Real Estate Investment Company

Why Multifamily?


Real estate is less risker than the stock market, Real estate as an investment has much stronger returns potential.


We use debt to increase the potential returns of an investment and limit risk.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent which pays expenses and provides cash flow to owners.

Value-Add Strategy

We repostion each asset through interrior renovation, exterior renovation, and property managment. This proven strategy will increase the cash flow of the property.

Tax benefits

Standard or striaght line depreciaiton Accelerated Depreciation Bonus Depreciation​


Real estate appreciates over time​.

Founder Chris Salerno

Chris believes investing in real estate is the best building block for financial freedom. He is a firm believer in affirmations exemplified by notes personally placed around every corner, which serve as a constant reminder that every day is special and that his life is purposeful.

QC Capital Target Markets

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