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Charlotte Angels


We are delighted to unveil our partnership with Charlotte Angels Nonprofit, a beacon of hope for foster children and families in our community. At QC Capital, we firmly believe in the power of meaningful connections, ones that endure through the trials of time. This partnership is not just a commitment; it's a promise to extend unwavering support to those who need it most.

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Our Dedication

As a testament to our dedication, we are proud to announce that we have pledged 2% of our annual profits to Charlotte Angels Nonprofit. This pledge is more than just a monetary contribution; it's a tangible expression of our shared values and our determination to make a real difference in the lives of foster children and families in our local Charlotte, NC community.

Together, hand in hand, we are building a foundation of trust, compassion, and stability. Our joint efforts are creating a nurturing environment where dreams can flourish, resilience can thrive, and hope can take root.

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We invite you to join us on this transformative journey

 If you want to learn more about Charlotte Angels Nonprofit and discover how you can get involved, please visit Charlotte Angels. Together, let's illuminate paths of hope and possibility for generations to come.

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